Delicata’s Step-by-Step Formula for Success

Step1.) Getting Started:


Ask yourself these five questions to get off on the right foot and make sure that your main objectives are accomplished.

  • Is the purpose of your new kitchen or bath to enhance your life or to increase the value of your home (or both)?

  • What are the basic problems (pet peeves) with your current kitchen or bath?

  • What do you like or dislike about your present kitchen or bath?

  • What are the absolute minimum requirements of your new kitchen or bath?

  • Regardless of cost and practicality, what would your ideal kitchen or bath include?  (don’t worry we’ll get more practical later).


After having answered these questions for yourself it’s time to begin compiling clippings and pictures of the type of “look” that you would like.  Visit our gallery of previous work to make a note of the styles and designs you like.  CONTACT US with any initial questions on ideas you are unable to find.  A design specialist will be happy to assist you.


Step 2.) Defining your Budget:

While one may express the concern of over-spending on such a project, another may equally portray the danger of under-spending, with references to quality and value proportionate to that of your home.  An educated balance is the key to outlining a realistic and sufficient budget.  A common fallacy at this point, is that the main contributing factor in determining a proper budget is the availability of resources or finances.  This is invalid simply because your current funds may be much greater or less than that necessary to adequately facilitate your goal.  Primarily, an accurate approximation of the cost of the overall project, in keeping with your family’s needs and tastes, with careful consideration to your equity will lay a solid foundation for building a budget.  With this foundation in place, you will soon clarify whether or not the time is right financially.


Defining your budget should include price comparisons on all fixtures, appliances, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, heating and cooling, finishing carpentry and any other element you can imagine to affect the job.  Professional opinions and estimates (educated guesses) should also bring you closer to a realistic value.  For example; consistent statistics throughout almost all real estate forums express that kitchen and bath renovations yield the highest return on investment (even well over 100% many times).


At Delicata Fine Cabinetry & Millwork, we offer a plethora of ideas and cost options feel free to CONTACT US for a complimentary design consultation and quotation. Efficient budgeting should also compare similar real estate values in the area to that of your home.  Contrast the grade of products and materials used with those consistent to comparable homes.


Ask yourself whether or not moving into a new house, complete with your dream kitchen or bath would be less costly than remodeling your current abode.  Remember, The American Homeowners Foundation insists that 8 to 10 percent of the total price of your house is what it would cost you to move.  Therefore, if your house is valued between $200 000 to $300 000, it could cost you as much as $30 000 just to move.  This is another handy guideline for your project.  With all these building blocks, you have what it takes to construct a sensible and accurate budget.  Now you can stick to it.  Don’t be afraid to share your budget with your contractor or designer.  It will help them to keep your project in line and deliver the specific product you desire.


Step 3.) Choose the Professionals:


Check references, ask questions and get a good sense of who you will be working with. Get initial price estimates or approximate overall job quotes.  It is at this stage that you will make the all-important decision of which builder/contractor will do the job.  In the following stages you won’t want to look back so make the right decision.  Don’t be afraid to hurt our feelings!  When undertaking such a large proposition, it is very important to ask the necessary questions.  Make sure your contractor carries personal liability insurance and has established a reputation for quality and dependability.  Your company of choice should be easy to get hold of, quick to respond and carry certificates and qualifications in the areas of such design and build.


Step 4.) Let your Designer do their Magic:


After you have chosen the company for you, it is time to get more accurate with your plans.  Delicata will gladly create computer-aided drawings of your project to illustrate your new look as well as attribute sufficient storage, cleaning and preparation areas. This is the fun part.  If you always wanted to see what the stove would look like on a different wall, or how it would be to remove that wall between the dinning and kitchen area, now is the time.  Our certified designers will offer suggestions, outline limitations and present it all in a clear and concise way.  After studying all the options, you arrive at the exact job that meets your family’s need’s, expresses your style and complies with your budget.  Now you’re ready for the final detailed contract.


Step 5.) Check it Twice:


At Delicata we offer a clear contract with reference to all dimensions, cabinet style, colours and extensive details. The contract will include the total price as well as terms of payment, delivery and installation dates. It is this due diligence that has enabled us to expedite complex, beautiful kitchens and baths with less than 10% additional charges or changes. After the contract is prepared and initiated, it is not un-common for people to require a change or addition to the plan or discover an unforeseen challenge. Your Delicata project manager will be prompt to offer solutions and clear cost quotations when required and a complete detailed statement of your account is always available for your perusal.


Step 6.) Prepare your Home:


Every home is a different, and the function of a home becoming a job site is one that merits some consideration for sure. To have your installations and or renovations delivered with the least amount of inconvenience to you and your family, while having the highest level of quality and achieving a beautiful outcome, there are a few things to discuss with your project manager.

Custom kitchen cabinetry and other materials are generally ready to be delivered ahead of your installation date to insure a smooth installation. Your Delicata project manager will be able to address how much storage will be needed. When the installation begins there will need to be an area designated for saws and cutting which is at least 8’ X 10’ in size. This can be done outside in some seasons however; the duration and cost of the installation may be affected. Your Delicata design consultant and project manager will be happy to answer any questions to help you prepare for your new dream kitchen.

When your installation begins you will meet your installation team. Your project manager will oversee every aspect of the installations!

Step.  7) Watch your Dream come to Life:


Now it’s time to sit back and watch the magic as beautiful custom millwork comes together in your home. Don’t worry, it’s quite common to notice little anomalies, like miss aligned doors or details that are not complete along the way. Rest assured that your Delicata professional millwork specialist will not only adjust all doors and complete the details with precision, but also answer any questions along the way. With that said, installers all very productive when left to do their magic. So enjoy watching your dream become reality!